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Only Death Does not Lie
Written by Amina Maher
Creative Documentary Project
Copyright @ Amina Maher / AWA Productions

Only Death Does not Lie (WT) investigates the death of an Iranian filmmaker and writer, Kiumars Pur Ahmad, who was also the assistant director of the film WHERE IS THE FRIEND´S HOME? by Abbas Kiarostami. Pur Ahmad died at the age of 73 on April 2023. He was found dead under suspicious circumstances, in a rented villa in Bandar-e Anzali in Iran. The police are still investigating his death. Before Pur Ahmad died, he published queer taboo-breaking books under another unknown name outside Iran in which he criticizes the Mullah´s regime concerning taboos, and forbidding love, joy, honesty, and celebration through his daring writing and storytelling.


Status: Development

Writer & Director: Amina Maher   

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