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Where is the Friend´s Home?
Premiered at 61st Ann Arbor Int. F. F.

Short Documentary Film (Work in Progress)   | Completion Year 2022 


Genre Hybrid Auto-ethnographic Experimental   |   Runtime 11 Min   |   Language English, Farsi  


Status Sound Design and Mix, Color Grading

© Amina Maher

Sound: 5.1 Surround Mix, Stereo   |   Frame Rate: 25   |   Color, 16:9 HD   |  Germany 

Stills - Color.00_00_17_03.Still059.jpg


In the process of honest self-exploration, two friends share the most personal moments and break the silence,  seeking to confront unspoken desires.

Production Notes

The confrontation of unspoken desires with the help of a friend. An honest, fearless, and strong examination of the body and identity in relation to social taboos, violence, and power.
The film is independently created by a BIPOC and Queer cast & crew. It is about queer friendship and transparency that leads us to a new discovery about our own desires, shame, and patriarchal society. It chooses a non-normative approach and alludes to the conservative approach of Sohrab Sepehri´s Poem as well as Kiarostami´s film of the same title. 

Directed, Written & Produced by Amina Maher


Siddhant Sarin

Assistant Director

Nailya Bikmurzina


Juliano Castro
Amina Maher

Sound Designer

Alexei Galar

Location Sound

Alex Feldman

Production Designer

Lea Bethke

Stills - Color.00_03_02_07.Still016.jpg


In search of the creation of an autonomous body, Amina Maher, the trans woman film director, seeks to confront her unspoken desires with the help of a friend in the process of honest self-exploration, sharing the most private of moments and breaking silences while giving insight into the topic of queer struggles and friendship, shame culture, and patriarchy. 

Stills - Color.00_05_34_24.Still024.jpg
Stills - Color.00_07_18_23.Still038.jpg
Color Check 30.01.2022.00_12_11_08.Still029.jpg
Stills - Color.00_02_14_05.Still009.jpg
Stills - Color.00_08_51_07.Still060.jpg

FILM STILLS   Where is the Friend´s Home?   © Amina Maher  


POSTER BY  - Elsa Klée     Where is the Friend´s Home?     

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